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Our Goals.

ecologeenet aims to create an Internet 100% powered by renewable energy. The Internet consumes huge amounts of electricity through millions of connected devices.

In 2005, this was equivalent to the energy production capacity of two nuclear power stations - in Germany alone! In Switzerland in 2006 IT consumed 10% of the whole electric power usage. The power consumption of communication has already surpassed the usage for lighting in Germany and is only going up, confirmed by a BITKOM-study in the year 2008 confirmed.

We promote the adoption of renewable energy for all types of Internet services and encourage its general application. Savings by economical, intelligent control of the power supply are the most profoundly important but least provided energy sources, as we see it.

We strictly oppose a further upgrading of nuclear power and conventional coal power around the world and support the gradual retirement of nuclear power technologies and the retirement of non-CO2-neutral power generation.

The future belongs to passive, low energy-consumption climate controls in buildings, IT hardware and software designs which do not produce more than necessary processor-load, and IT powered by sustainable energy.

The energy supply of the future, especially in the IT world, is decentralized power generation. Decentralized systems distinguish themselves by their lower transmission and transformation losses, as well as providing more efficient energy production and more-targeted availability.

We strongly desire and encourage groundbreaking offerings with new additional ecological benefits. We strive for new criteria for quantitative design, alongside IT providers and users. Users of services with special environmental protection should receive a fair orientation.

ecologeenet wants to develop this sustainable Internet, together with IT experts, Internet service providers, carriers, civil and electrical engineers and energy providers. Anyone interested in the subject of this ad-free, independent and for members open wiki is welcome aboard!

What We Do Now

We run an an up-to-date, bilingual list of web hosting providers, which use renewable energy.

At present, we conduct several promotions and stimulate discussions about energy costs to broach the issue in the information technology field.

We compile contributions of the best practices of ground-breaking projects, which we publish here to inspire implementations in your own organizations.

We are happy to receive support of these activities and feedback of any kind, whether in the form of contributions in the wiki, new links, ideas or very special aid. You can reach us every time with our contact form.