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Our Vision

  • the Internet will become a green, highly decentralised and standardised meta cloud-system, by 2050
  • by 2030 the 10 biggest german internetproviders and the 20 biggest internetproviders of europe will use 100% renewable energies, generated as decentral as possible (no certificates, only as compensation of minimal residual-emissions)
  • by 2020 a profound ethic-codex in the IT-industry regarding employees and environement will be implemented

The vision in detail:

  • A highly decentralised metacloud-system, how would it look like?
There will be a standard that allows to migrate a system (e.g. a virtual machine) "live" from a cloud A to a cloud B (maybe even a standard for the migration of whole subclouds). The internet-providers will offer mainly cloud-hosting in the future, dedicated hosting will be only used for very special use cases. So it becomes reality that the host of a web-project grows flexible with the web-project from its first days up to gigantic web-applications with millions of hits. There will be no need anymore to buy hardware over demand, there will be no need anymore to switch the provider many times, because the actual provider does not offer "better" servers. Hardware-failures will be then only a matter of the providers, too.
Let's think the vision further: there will be datacenter-spanning clouds, because it's economical and ecological better and will result in increased availability to have more but smaller datacenters powered by decentral produced renewable energies (benefits are e.g.: positive job market effects, better availability, shorter ways for energy transport, shorter ways for employees). Datacenters become smaller on average and so very easy supplyable by local produced renewable energies. The internet becomes more decentralised and the overall availability of the internet and above lying clouds will increase dramatical, especially in case of huge desasters (like wars or natural disasters). Finally a cloud- and datacenters-spanning system will come up, a metacloud will arise! In such a metacloud the migration-processes described above can be done automaticly. The migration from one provider to another, or one cloud to another, will be done in such a metacloud-system (unlike today) with some mouse-clicks. No downtime, no frustrating data-transfers, no huge migration-plans.
So the huge vision are green metaclouds / "a" worldwide, green metacloud, like described. Because we know how fast the innovation-cycles of the IT are, we challenge the IT with our vision to make the dream of such a metacloud-system reality, by 2050. When the whole of Germany can be supplied by renewable energies by 2050, like some profound studies say, so the IT can make such a better Internet reality by 2050.
  • Why an ethic-codex for the IT?
because especially in the hardware production, done mostly in emerging markets, but in software production, too, the conditions for the employees are not good enough for the hard work the people do. All IT-products and services should be produced as cheap and fast as possible. Upgrade-cycles of an year are considered to be slow in the IT, even though the products are mostly high complex products. Here is the need for a change. Quality and the conditions for the employees and the environement should be much more in focus. So we press the IT for an worldwide ethic-codex, that the IT will impose itself by 2020. An ethic-codex that includes the mentioned aspects and paves the way for the IT to become a highly ethical and co2-neutral industry like many producers of sustainable food still be, for example.
  • Why it's important to make this vision reality in only a few decades?
because there will be, still for many years, a fast increasing demand of IT-services and Internet-services (today not even the half of all people on Earth are using the Internet), because our electric supply system has sytematic errors (too centralised and to much monopolized) and finally because the worlds economy is not sustainable enough. The IT has to make its contribution in a world where all the economy changes to a 100% sustainble system. It is not enough for the IT to make much things more efficient and green, the IT must become itself sustainable and green, too. Like electricity or food becomes every year a bit more "green" and re-localised, it has to and will happen in the IT. Last but not least today is only a tick before 12 o'clock and the change has to happen now and fast if we not want to destroy planet Earth in the same decades we still have to save it.

For ecologee by: Sebastian Stoll, Ulm, Germany, October 2010