The world is dying and only we can save it from the damages that we have caused, but it needs a lot of effort.

Renewable or clean energy will be sufficient for the world and the people will be able to breathe clean air and drink fresh water.

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Philip Johnstone Explores Disruptive Energy

Many studies and researches suggest that the air we breathe is getting dirtier by the day and therefore it is destroying our life’s quality.

The Concept Of Disruptive Technologies

Emerging Disruptive Energy Technology

Why Is Renewable Energy Production Disruptive Technologies?

Global warming is destroying our world every second and that is why it is important to take the right steps at the right time.

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We have only one goal and it is to highlight those organizations and companies that are taking steps to produce sustainable energy. These companies are not only generating sustainable energy, but they are also taking steps to store as much energy as possible.