AccionaEnergia has become one of the first companies that are using block chain technology to certify renewable energy origin. The company believes that this is a great way to allow its clients to access real-time data which offers full transparency over the origin of the electricity. In the first stage, the company is using the block chain technology in two of its storage facilities. One is the Barasoain wind park and the other is Acciona’s Tudela solar plant.

AccionaEnergia believes that ensuring renewable energy certificates is becoming more important by the day and this is the first step towards that kind of transparency. According to the company, the block chain technology will act as a “virtual notary”, but it will be able to do this at a much faster pace in real time. This will provide a higher level of transparency, these kinds of features are needed by stakeholders and investors who are looking forward to developing a stronger green energy profile.

Wind power in horizon

Since the data is stored at the block chain platform, therefore it can be accessed by the clients at any time. According to other reports, this project is part of a wider project known as Greenchain. The greenchain will ultimately allow the clients to learn about the origin of renewable energy from any company, not just Acciona.

These were some of the main things that you need to know about AccionaEnergia and the initiative that they are taking to create a transparent environment for their clients. There is no doubt that global warming is a big problem and turning toward renewable energy is a great way to curb this situation. However, the problem is that there are not many companies and countries that are taking these steps, therefore it is important to appreciate those who are taking these steps.

Global warming is destroying our world every second and that is why it is important to take the right steps at the right time.

Renewable or clean energy will be sufficient for the world and the people will be able to breathe clean air and drink fresh water.

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