The radically changing climate, the deterioration in the quality of air and water along with the impact of global warming are just some of the challenges that threaten us and our planet. There have been various solutions that have been put forward after careful analysis of the causes, agents and reasons that are influencing the increase of these problems. One of many solutions which have been deemed effective in countering these issues is to replace our non-renewable energy consumption with renewable sources which are far healthier to the environment, the planet and the human species

The Collaboration Of Two Giants

In a recent positive turn of events, two of the world’s biggest companies, Eni and GE, have come together to invest in a large-scale renewable energy project. The news brings great joy to all those who care about our planet and are most concerned about its current situation. The project, it is told in an official press release, is going to be located in Kazakhstan and will be Eni’s first large-scale wind power project in the country. The project is called the Badamsha project and is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

The Significance Of the Venture

This is Eni’s first such venture and it comes in partnership with GE, which has already established its strong position in the renewable energy market. GE Renewable Energy is a big player in the current industry and is currently a ten-billion-dollar business with a mindset to expand vigorously in order to provide the world with the cleanest energy possible. In retrospect, Eni has had operations in Kazakhstan since the nineties and has a special bond with the country considering that it has major stakes in many projects here especially in the Northern Caspian Sea.

GE currently has more than twenty-two thousand employees worldwide and operates in about eighty countries. Its objective is to collaborate with governments and companies around the world to push for renewable energy projects in big and small economies both. Eni, on the other hand, operates in about seventy countries and employs thirty-three thousand people across the globe. All this goes to express that this project could mark the beginning of something interesting for the future of our existence and our environment.

The Details Of The Project

The project is expected to add forty-eight megawatts of power to the power grid of Kazakhstan and hence, will increase the overall contribution of wind energy to twenty-five percent. General Electric, abbreviated as GE, has announced that it will provide thirteen of its 3.8-130 onshore wind turbines which will provide 3.8MW of power each and has a hub height of eighty-five meters.

The Badamsha facility is located in the Aktobe oblast which is in the north-western region. It is a huge deal as it showcases the strength and commitment of both these companies to the mission